Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Legacy--#13 finished

After I typed up the last book, Not Working, I saw that I hadn't entered the one I had finished previously, The Legacy.  I had finished this like a week ago and just forgot to log it in.  An older book, written back in 1998 so all that technology stuff going on today doesn't apply.  It is about a 2nd tape from different angle of the JFK assassination and a son that was estranged from his dad receives this VCR tape.  As soon as he receives it shadowy people are trying to steal it or kill him for it, they get the first copy but his dad made a 2nd copy.  Kind of an interesting read, I have not gotten to involved in the JFK conspiracy theories and all that so maybe not so much for me.  Oh well, it was a mass media paperback that fit in my coat during the cold weather so I could take it with me when out & about.

There are plenty of copies already on PBS so this will be donated to one of the mini libraries in the area for someone else to enjoy.

Not Working--#11 finished

A 20 something woman in England is having trouble deciding what to do with her life.  She has quit her job in order to focus on finding something that she would enjoy doing and not just a job.  Her longtime boyfriend is a resident becoming a doctor.  Conflicts come up with her parents, her boyfriend and friends.  She has a rough time of actually getting anything done or accomplished but after a few blowups the book does end with her sounding like she has come through this time and will be ok.  A good read, that overall I enjoyed.  I remember the stresses of life when trying to decide what to do when your education and desires didn't really point you in any direction.  She sees people around her that she knew in college, etc that are now making good money and talking about starting a family and she seems to think time has passed her by.  Like I said earlier though by end of book she has seemed to adopt an attitude that she will get a job and if it doesn't work will try something else, the pressure of finding the perfect job is no longer there.

There are no copies on PBS and no WL for this version of the book.  Other versions show like 8 WL for it though so I am figuring it will get requested.  I did post it on PBS already.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Motel Life--#10 finished

A couple brothers with just a depressing life.  So many bad decisions and an almost stubbornness to change or accept that their lives need to change.  Mom basically raised them as a single mother after dad gambled away his life & going to jail never to be seen again.  Mom dies of cancer when both in high school, older one quits right away & gets crappy job and younger sticks with school little longer but still quits when near graduating.  People around them are all struggling and fighting demons, just a real depressing kind of book.  I didn't even mention that the older brother was drunk & kills a kid on a bike as a hit & run.  Questions about why kid out at midnight or whatever it was, wearing black & jumping out into street--fault not all with brother but kid still dead.  Doesn't leave body & get help, instead puts into car and finds brother and then eventually leave body near hospital and they take off for a while.  Just crazy bad decisions to start book and continue whole way through.

All this being said, I really like this author, he has the ability to bring these characters alive.  You really feel the struggles and torment the people are feeling and how it seems they are trapped in this just tough life they have.  There is just a glimmer that maybe they could fight to rise to a reasonable maybe lower middle class existence but you as the reader know it is not likely.  One of those books or stories where, well you thought your life was bad kind of thing.

Even though I really like the book & author, it is not a keeper.  I have already posted it on PBS, there is 1 WL for it & maybe it will get accepted & I can mail off this weekend.  If not I guess it will go on my bookshelf but figure it will get requested before too long, this is just too good of writer not to.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Bad Behavior--#9 finished

A good short story book.  Originally published in 1988 so has an '80s feel to it, which is just different from today.  The whole no cell phones, rarely a computer mention, etc was kind of a nice change to bring back the memories of then.  Some weird people and stuff going on and stories that just kind of go no where and then end, just kind of what is thrown into some of the short story books I have read. Overall a good read.

The book is not postable for PBS, there is some water damage to the back pages, not much but is there & cannot mail off in PBS.  I will hold onto it for now and put in my donate pile that will eventually go somewhere.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Joyland--#8 finished

A hard case crime paperback that was written by Stephen King.  It was a good read and a good reminder that King can really write just good stories.  Many of his novels are the supernatural world has changed--likely for the worse--or other type of large epic things happening to a person or world.  This was just a kind of coming of age story with a crime that was in the background for most of the book.  Just a good read.  It has been a long time since I read his short story book Different Seasons or something like that and from what I remember this was kind of the same feeling to it.

I will post on PBS, there are no WL for it but there was 1 a few days ago so figure it will probably move at some point.

Monday, February 12, 2018

On Par--#7 finished

On Par: The Everyday Golfer's Survival Guide, a good golf read.  The author has a column in the NY Times, I don't read the times & rarely read about golf but I know there are some good golfing stories so thought I would try this.  I had picked it up on a library sale so for probably a dollar.  It was more about golf than golfing stories but still a good read generally.  I have golf but the last few years has been a 1 or 2 times a year thing.  Now more into Disc Golf, frisbee as some would say.  No cost to use the course and try to get the kids involved with it, price is certainly right.  Can do 9 holes in under an hour & 18 in under 2 hours.  I just don't have the time & money to put toward golfing regularly so Disc Golf fits much better.  Oh well, book was good read.

There were no copies on PBS so I posted it & it got requested today so will be mailing it off this week.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Seventh Plague--#6 finished

A Sigma Force novel series book.  Author James Rollins finds things that kind of lean to some truths and string together a nice and exciting fiction novel where some of this could point to some this could really happen.  This one is just a little too far out there but I am guessing this isn't the easiest thing to do either so still have to give him some credit.  The plagues of Egypt with Dr Livingston & Stanley and then Tesla and throw in Mark Twain and others too.  Weird mix of people and stories.  I guess what I don't like is how all this stuff had gone unnoticed for years and now all the sudden comes up and this group of Sigma people quickly figure it out and do battle with the bad people trying to cause lots of trouble, etc.  Oh well, at least usually makes for quick interesting read.

I will post on PBS probably pretty soon since a paperback book, there are 14 WL for it so will try to move soon on it.