Friday, July 13, 2018

The Last Days of Video--#33 finished

The reason finally doing all the catch up on my reading log.  I finished this & went ahead and posted it to PBS and will be mailing it out tomorrow.

This book had some good parts and some that were just too much out there and didn't really make sense.  I liked the idea of an independent video rental store dying off, Blockbuster opened down the street but also with video dying before that.  Interesting characters, maybe too gruff and drunk at points but oh well.  I don't get the whole hollywood director coming back & filming in small town North Carolina that is also a good friend of lady that basically runs the video store.  Try to use him and actors as last ditch attempt to save store but falls apart.  Just a little too out there, wonder if alternate reality story line exists that would have been better.  Oh well still a decent read.  Maybe next PBS reader will like too.

Travels with Barley--#32 finished

Still more catch up being done, just finished this about a week ago.  It is a dated book about the rise in popularity of microbrew beer and beer pubs in the early 2000s.  Well it is still going on today and even more so if I had to guess.  Interesting stuff about how this all got started.  Also interesting stuff about the big boys in beer--AB, Miller, Coors and so on.  He also threw in a road trip kind of way starting in MN around where Mississippi River starts and followed it down to New Orleans.  Fun read except couldn't help thinking in places too dated & just wondered what now some of the places he mentions are up to.  I guess I could use the internet & check but probably won't.

The book is in a little rough shape so can't post on PBS.  It will be a keeper for now at least.

Gunmetal Gray--#31 finished

Playing a little catch up here, I finished this around the 1st and just now getting it logged.  This is the next in the Gray Man series.  It is a really good and interesting series.  The ex-CIA guy is now sort of welcomed back and soon after the welcoming he is on a job.  Good action and moves fast.  Not sure how long he will stay in the good graces of the CIA but at least they aren't hunting him anymore.

I will be posting it on PBS at some point, I think there are around 20 or so WL for it but in no hurry with it.  I still have the earlier book in this series too that I haven't posted so maybe will try to ship off together.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Demon Crown--#30 finished

This was one started before vacation and then left at home by accident during vacation.  Finished it up after we got back.  Another in the Sigma Force series, good series but not great.  Author weaves what could really happen in a world changing way & the Sigma crew find a way to stop it--happened again.  Wasps resurrected from Dinosaur times are unleashed in Hawaii and kill many & get close to throwing whole world into panic.  Not sure I really buy the bad guys that much, at some point the crazy leader guy would probably piss off an underling who would dime him out but just doesn't happen.  Action moved quickly and everything saved in end.

I will post on PBS at some point, 29 WL so don't have to post anytime soon.

Got my average up to 6 a month now, not sure I can keep it there but nice to at least get it close by end of year.

Chocolates For Breakfast--#29 finished

This was one of the books I picked up at a used bookstore while on vacation.  I had selected one and was still just walking around wanting a 2nd book when I saw it & grabbed it.  Looked interesting and was the one started to read on vacation.  I really good and interesting read.  From the cover it says the author was 18 when she wrote this, looks like was written in the '50s.  About a girl growing up quick at 15 to 18, first in Hollywood and then in New York.  Her mother was an actress struggling to find work and the girl had to be independent in growing up.  Given the time written, surprised the sex and homosexuality that was mentioned along with lots of drinking and wasting of life kind of things.  Throw in some tragedy and it was a really good read.  As much time as I had been in used book stores, I am surprised I hadn't seen this book or heard about it before.

It is an older book, my copy was printed in the '60s so no ISBN which makes posting on PBS maybe not worth it.  I will probably keep it at this point, like I said I did like the book.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Camino Island--#28 finished

This was one of the books that was supposed to go along on vacation and be finished up then--I had started it a couple days before vacation.  I only received the book through PBS like 4 or 5 days before leaving on vacation but with it being a mass market Grisham book, I know I must read them ASAP if there are WL for it and there are.

As far as the book, I really enjoyed it.  Stolen F Scott Fitzgerald original manuscripts lets Grisham weave a story with writers and a bookseller.  A nice diversion from the more typical lawyer books.  Really a good quick summer vacation kind of read, even though it got left behind from vacation for me.

I have posted it on PBS and it has been accepted so I will be mailing it off in the next couple of days.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Atlantis Revelation--#27 finished

This is a book I picked up on vacation and read.  I had packed the 3 books I was reading in a bag with couple extra pair of shoes & clothes and that bag got left behind.  This was the most exciting sounding book in Dollar General that was nearby on vacation and it got bought & read.  I didn't know if was the 3rd book in the series but I kind of figured that out right away since in reading it, it just sounded like the reader should know some more background stuff.  Not too bad, just a little out there with the whole super rich stuff along with the super smart guy fighting them and a super great looking nun that might not be a nun now because of her new job/position in an organization within the Vatican.  Getting by all that, the action was fast and kept the pages turning, always good in a vacation read.  Not sure if I will bother getting the others in series though, have enough other series and books to read already.

I have posted it on PBS, it was the 2nd copy but it has already been requested.  I will be mailing it out later this week.