Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The First Cut--#26 finished

A good read. Another detective story with a female detective that barely survived a horrific stabbing. One day back on the job after a year's recovery and the Pasadena Police Dept has a murder of an LA policewoman to investigate and detective Vining is part of it. Like I said earlier a good read about the investigation and the backstory of Vining's near death as well. This is the first in a series and I am sure as it goes on each book will touch on her ongoing investigation of her own attack.

I liked the characters and the setting and it seems this should be a good series to get into. I had picked up the 2nd in the series at a library sale and it was thrown aside. I finally found the first book on a deal on PBS. A few months later & I was able to work it into my reading. Now I need to find time for the 2nd and probably need to go a head and order the 3rd, at least I think the 3rd is out there now.

I have posted it on PBS but there are like 50 some copies ahead of it so it probably won't move for a while if at all. I started reading the Osiris Alliance and am around 70 pages in. I am also reading Alexander Hamilton but only around 30 pages in on that one. I have stopped The End of Mr Y at this point but hope to pick it up again soon. Not sure what my next book will be at this point yet.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beat the Reaper--#25 finished

A good quick read about a mafia hit man that had to go the witness protection route and became a doctor. The book is only over one day but with plenty of flashbacks. It is a very easy read, page turner type. It is about a hitman so plenty of violence and stuff so beware if that is not your thing. It is the first book by this author and for a first book is very good.

A lot of interesting stuff with the doctor end of it as well so it does go a little more than just a mafia book. It certainly does not glorify the mafia end of it either. I will try to pay attention to see the author's 2nd book, not sure if it will continue with these characters or not though.

There are something like 15 WL for the book so I will be posting it & mailing it probably early next week. I am still working on The First Cut, now over 225 pages in but it goes to 400 so still a ways to go. I also started Alexander Hamilton but not far at all yet, like maybe 20 pages in only. I will be looking for a 3rd book but not sure if I will find one tonight yet.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Killer Body--#24 finished

This was kind of a surprise book in that I wasn't really planning on reading it right now. I had the book for a couple of years and had gotten close to reading it once in the past but for some reason I grabbed it and started reading it. It was kind of an easy read, maybe, easy but not all that interesting. It was about a spokeswoman for a weightloss/exercise business that had gone missing and the founder/owner of the company was looking to replace this spokeswoman. A different type story with the main person being a reporter who was also a cousin to someone else in the company who died young. It was a personal type vendetta for the reporter.

I don't know just some things didn't seem to add up and and overall the story was just okay. The whole how believable was the story really seems to come up short. The characters though were sort of interesting. All in all just an okay read

It is a hardback copy and there was 1 copy a head of it on PBS so it will go to my bookshelf and sit for a while I guess. I would think it will probably move at some point but no idea how quickly. I am still working on The First Cut but have stopped on The End of Mr Y at this point. I hope to start it back up at some point but not immediately. I did just start another book tonight, Beat the Reaper and may look to start another one also, probably a non-fiction one.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Globalization and Its Enemies--#23 finished

The book was interesting when talking about the history of globalization throughout time. I was lost on the book toward the end though. Overall sort of interesting but now that I think about it, it really wasn't necessary for me to read it. Oh well, it is late & I am tired so that is enough.

I have posted it on PBS & there is 1 WL so will just have to see if it moves or not.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The DaVinci Code--#22 finished

Well, I finally got around to reading The DaVinci Code after everyone else in the world has already read it. A good action, investigation book, an easy page turner with some interesting stuff. I have no desire to go back and see what was true and what was false and what didn't fit, etc. I really don't care. It was interesting and kept me involved for those reasons it was a good read. Nothing really memorable though, kind of like Angels & Demons, I don't really remember much but some kind of details on it. Oh well together they are okay. Glad I have finally read them so I can check them off but I really now need to get back to something else.

I have ignored my other books for the last few days, basically since I have been fighting a cold virus that has really done a number on me. Jury Duty on Monday didn't help either, but it allowed me to start & finish the E book. I did find the F book for sale at the library for 50 cents so I grabbed it. The copy is a little rough but now I have it. I don't think I am starting another book right now since I have 3 going, The First Cut, just started at end of Jury Duty, The End of Mr Y, still very early in the book and Globalization and Its Enemies, a little over halfway done but a shorter book.

Monday, April 4, 2011

E is for Evidence--#21 finished

Well, this book came out of nowhere. I started and finished it today. How did this happen, well I was called to Jury Duty and that is what 7 hours of sitting around gets. It was my first time reporting for jury duty--other time is another story--and I never got outside the big waiting room. Okay that is fine. I also will get $10 at some point for all of this, okay won't complain because it is our civic duty and all that.

I had read D is for Deadbeat about 2 years ago so did not to a reread of it. I did skim it last night to sort of remember what it was about. E is for Evidence is about the same as the earlier ones, good stuff, easy to read and easy to follow. The ending with a whole mystery background to one of the suspects made it such that the reader really couldn't guess who with certainty. Her neighbor/landlord was out of town for the holidays and Rosie the bar owner had closed up shop, so this book had a little different feel in that Kinsey was more by herself than normally. Also the policeman/semi friend/boyfriend guy, Jonah, I think is his name, was out of town & back on with his wife. Anyway all of that it is a good story overall. Not sure yet if I have F on hand, might have to be ordering it.

Okay, now I will go back to the Divinci Code, The End of Mr Y and Enemies of Globalism--or something like that. I also just started another paperback at jury duty, The First Cut and will probably continue on with it--maybe.