Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sticklebacks and Snow Globes--#64 finished

I really enjoyed this book about a poor area in London, it sounded like public housing or assisted public housing--not really sure.  About the lives of some of the families in the area.  Really interesting characters that you get to see their good and bad sides.  Not everything is nice and clean, there are some  tough parts in the book that make the reader uncomfortable but to me that is just good reading.  Really liked it and am glad to move it onward to the next person once it gets requested.

I have posted it and it is the only copy on the system now.  I would hope it moves but you can never really tell.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells--#63 finished

An interesting concept & story, a woman is treated for depression after her twin brother dies & her longterm boyfriend/companion leaves her.  The treatment is some kind of shock to her & it sends her into herself in different time periods, 1918 & 1941--her current time is 1985.  The same people from 1985 are also there.  There are 3 Gretas that are switching from each period after each treatment.  Kind of slow at first & kind of confusing but generally a good story with some interesting insights into the different lives.  Not anything great for me but a good read overall.

There are over 100 WL for it on PBS so at some point I will post it & mail it off, just in no hurry right now.  My WL has been slow but I have found some books that look interesting & have ordered them so at least I am shuffling some books around.  I have mailed a few off as well.  I am at 6 credits but have 2 that were just mailed & 2 more that I will mail this week so staying right around 10 which is plenty for me.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

"L" is for Lawless--#62 finished

This was the next in line for the Sue Grafton series.  I had read this book before but it had been several years ago so since trying to read in order figured I should catch up with it again.  Good read like all of them are.  Most of the action on this one takes place out side of CA which is a little different and not as much dealing then with the local cast of characters.  The bad guys seem to have gotten away with it, makes me wonder if they will show up in a later book or not.

I will need to find another book because now down to the two that I described as muddling through.  Baseball game tonight so not sure if will get another book found tonight or tomorrow.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Variations in the Night--#61 finished

I was looking for a shorter book with short chapters that I thought would be a quick read while I am kind of muddling through the other books I am reading right now.  I picked this one and it was that but it was also a better read than I expected.  Nothing great but I enjoyed the characters and how comfortable the author seemed in writing about them.  A 30 year old man moves from small town Ohio to New York and meets a girl and they go out.  They are on different wavelengths on about everything but seem to get along well.  He is stuck in his job and isn't sure NY is for him and she is noncommittal about most everything.  He moves back home kind of open ended & both realize they miss what they had.  He comes back and they seemingly figure it out even though they suck at communicating.  The book ends there, a nice ending.  I really have a hard time seeing this end well but there was no reason for the author to continue--let the reader guess on their own.  I really liked the book, a good read.  Oh this is also from back in the 1980s, which is an almost completely different time.  Book was written in 1987 so no looking back just what it was.

When I said I was muddling through a couple books, well I still am doing so--reading College Football book and around page 110 and still hasn't gotten to the first thrown pass.  Good read so far & interesting but hard to read much at a time.  Also reading The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells and just having a hard time staying interested in it but still working on it.  Also reading L is for Lawless the next Kinsey Milhone book and enjoying it like the others, I had read it before but has been a while so doing a re-read while going in order.  The first two are the muddling books.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Inferno--#60 finished

This is the latest Dan Brown, of The DaVinci Code fame, with the same main character Robert Langdon.  He tries to employ the same style as his other books, fast paced, point to point action with a kind of confusing storyline.  This time instead of the Catholic church, he weaves a story about Dante The Inferno and an eco terrorist and helpers.  It lives up to this but overall just okay as a story.  It is a page turner and quick read but I just got weary because it was the same kind of action his two famous books had.  In this one though it sounds like the bad guys kind of won at least but wasn't as bad as everyone feared either.

I had gotten this book from PBS and wanted to read it right away so I could send it out to someone on PBS.  I will post it later this week or next to get it moving.