Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Last Templar--#13 finished

The really to me just read as a Dan Brown knockoff book.  An action packed book about mysteries of the Templar Knights & the Catholic church.  Some evil type people and a couple obviously good people but conflicted.  Nothing deep here, nothing really interesting, just a read.  The action was alright but the story is just so unlikely in several spots that the action isn't even enjoyable.  Oh well, didn't have  great expectations or anything but even so mostly a disappointing book.

I won't be posting it on PBS, the lower part of the spine the paper is coming away and there are at least a few hundred copies already on the system I am guessing.  This book will be donated somewhere, maybe the library or to my sister's school for their book fair.  Still reading The Life of Pi, just got past 100 pages, really moving slow.  Also have started Breath, Eyes, Memory but only a few pages in.  Today I started Enemy at the Gates, the battle for Stalingrad and am already 75 or 80 pages in.  Really enjoying it so far.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wild Thing--#12 finished

A kind of interesting quick read, not as good as his first book though, Beat the Reaper.  Characters were hard to believe and story line also hard to believe and that just made the book kind of disjointed.  Then end of book was a kind of liberal rant especially keyed in on the environment, really didn't seem to fit at least not in a smooth way with a book of fiction.  I think it is Rollins that also then ends the book with sourcing a lot of the ideas that he brings up and the author did that too.  I do find that interesting but overall not impressed with the book.  It was an easy read though which is what I needed so there is that.

I will be posting it on PBS to get it mailed off, I think there are around 31 WL for it.  Still reading The Last Templar and it has probably been a week since I have opened The Life of Pi.  I will be looking to start another one today or tomorrow.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Passion & Principle--#11 finished

This book is about John & Jessie Fremont a very interesting and very much involved in life in the 1800s.  John Fremont, the Pathfinder, explored the West and played a large role in getting California away from Mexico and part of the United States.  He by accident seemingly ends up with thousands of acres that becomes part of the Californian Gold Rush, makes his millions, becomes a Senator and eventually becomes the Republican Party's first presidential nominee in 1856.  Loses the election through dirty politics of the day.  After Lincoln's election and the civil war starts becomes a general in St Louis in charge of the West but again in the dirty politics of the day and his pushing emanicipation of the slaves before Lincoln was ready, Fremont is relieved of his duties.  Poor business decisions and he basically loses everything and family slips into near poverty.

All of this going on, Fremont's wife Jessie is daughter of powerful Democratic Senator from Missouri Thomas Hart Benton.  Jessie leads an interesting but devoted life to her husband.  Their marriage was much more partnership with both helping the other.  She helped him publish his exploration books, plays large role in is Presidential run, and is beside him during the civil war but unfortunately stays out of his business decisions.  She becomes a writer later in life and what she earns then supports them.

A truly interesting couple and a very good book.  I will probably post it on PBS but right now keeping it--not sure I want to let go of it.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lucky Strike--#10 finished

I kind of liked this book, it was a little different, something I hadn't read about or thought about.  The mining for uranium in the 1950s in the Utah desert.  You young widow with two children leave Ohio and head to Utah to become uranium millionaires and meet some interesting people.  Good story, good characters--nothing in book flys out at you or shocks you but overall good story.

Still reading the Fremont's book and The Life of Pi, both moving very slowly.  Also started The Last Templar.  Not sure if I will add a 4th yet or not.