Monday, March 18, 2013

Wild Thing--#12 finished

A kind of interesting quick read, not as good as his first book though, Beat the Reaper.  Characters were hard to believe and story line also hard to believe and that just made the book kind of disjointed.  Then end of book was a kind of liberal rant especially keyed in on the environment, really didn't seem to fit at least not in a smooth way with a book of fiction.  I think it is Rollins that also then ends the book with sourcing a lot of the ideas that he brings up and the author did that too.  I do find that interesting but overall not impressed with the book.  It was an easy read though which is what I needed so there is that.

I will be posting it on PBS to get it mailed off, I think there are around 31 WL for it.  Still reading The Last Templar and it has probably been a week since I have opened The Life of Pi.  I will be looking to start another one today or tomorrow.

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