Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Last Templar--#13 finished

The really to me just read as a Dan Brown knockoff book.  An action packed book about mysteries of the Templar Knights & the Catholic church.  Some evil type people and a couple obviously good people but conflicted.  Nothing deep here, nothing really interesting, just a read.  The action was alright but the story is just so unlikely in several spots that the action isn't even enjoyable.  Oh well, didn't have  great expectations or anything but even so mostly a disappointing book.

I won't be posting it on PBS, the lower part of the spine the paper is coming away and there are at least a few hundred copies already on the system I am guessing.  This book will be donated somewhere, maybe the library or to my sister's school for their book fair.  Still reading The Life of Pi, just got past 100 pages, really moving slow.  Also have started Breath, Eyes, Memory but only a few pages in.  Today I started Enemy at the Gates, the battle for Stalingrad and am already 75 or 80 pages in.  Really enjoying it so far.

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