Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Last Talk with Lola Faye--#7 finished

Found this book at sale at the library and it mentioned it happened in St Louis so figured I should pick it up.  St Louis was just background on this, could have picked any of hundreds of cities to fit the bill, no problem though.  An interesting read, basically one conversation with a now college professor that grew up in the South & fought to get away, to get an education and a lady from that small town that was intertwined with his father at the time.  Story was long but with enough twists that it made me want to keep on it to see how it would end.  A different style book than most others so enjoyed it for that, being different.

I have posted it on PBS, there are 5 WL for it but there are also paperback copies available so not sure if these are real WL or not.  With PBS going to a membership fee a couple years ago some of the WL are basically abandoned accounts and could be dealing with that here.  Oh well posted it will just have to see.

Long for this World--#6 finished

The complete title, The Strange Science of Immortality.  An interesting read about the science of living forever.  Some about the overall if possible and some about the steps that are being done to solve diseases and other things that get us as we get older.  Also looks back some in history about this & theories.  He just touched on the whole should this be done, one line about if immortality is achieved it would also be achieved for dictators, imagine Stalin, Hitler, etc now living forever.  Also of course it would be the rich & power that would get this first and the rest maybe at some point.  Makes for what would be a science fiction novel.  Actually kind of scary and surprised he didn't spend more than a sentence or two on this.  Overall an interesting read.

There are 3 WL for this book so I plan to post it soon & mail off, no reason to keep.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Stalin's Ghost--#5 finished

This is the next in the Martin Cruz Smith Arkady Renko series.  I really enjoy this series.  It is just a clever story/detective with interesting situations and characters all around him.  This one didn't disappoint, was a good read.  Kind of touched on the whole Russia trying to deal with democracy thing running in the background of his story.  The story runs along and there are other things happening in the background or different level, just make the book/series that much more enjoyable.  Need to keep on this series.

This book and series are keepers so won't be posting them on PBS.

World Made by Hand--#4 finished

This is another one of those world gone to hell books/series but unlike others where virus/vampires are released/made, etc, the underlying story about how it got there seems possible, maybe not likely but possible still.  Fuel becomes scarce and people have to learn to live without, then bombs are launched at major cities guessing all around world but at least in the US.  News, radio, TV disappear and a flu outbreak kills off lots of the population.  All this happened before the book starts.  Book is about a small town in upper New York state and how they are getting along.  Throw in a large group of new church types moving into town and some conflicts with neighbors to get things moving.  The main characters start to look around & see where they can make life better and so starts this series.  Really enjoyed the book and look forward to the next books in this series.

There are like 17 or maybe 30 some WL for this book so I will mail it off at some point.  Right now my credit situation is okay so not posting much at this point.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Male of the Species--#3 finished

A short story book with men as the main focus.  Stories of different areas, things going on and all types of men.  Good stuff, just reading this book is a reminder of why I enjoy short stories.

I have posted it on PBS, it is the only copy in system so I would hope would move at some point.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Bone Labyrinth--#2 finished

This is another in James Rollins Sigma Force series.  A kind of extra smart, extra able small force that is put into unusual situations and gets them done.  I enjoy the series even if at times just too much has to be suspended to believe.  Rollins does a nice job of trying to take things that could in some sense be real and weaving a story around them.  Some better than others, this one is kind of in the crazy zone but still entertaining enough.

There are 37 WL for this book so I will be posting it at some point & mailing it off.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hold Tight--#1

Bad things happening to several families all at once that are all connected in some way.  Just too much to buy into it though but at least after a slow start was a good page turner.  Just trying to think about trying to write a short what happened kind of hurts my head, just too much & just can't buy/believe it.  Oh well, this book has been on my shelf for a few years and needed to be read.  Also the author Harlan Coben has written several books so at least wanted to read this to get feel for him.  Not sure I will read anything else though.

Too many copies already on PBS, this will go to my donate pile.