Monday, January 23, 2017

World Made by Hand--#4 finished

This is another one of those world gone to hell books/series but unlike others where virus/vampires are released/made, etc, the underlying story about how it got there seems possible, maybe not likely but possible still.  Fuel becomes scarce and people have to learn to live without, then bombs are launched at major cities guessing all around world but at least in the US.  News, radio, TV disappear and a flu outbreak kills off lots of the population.  All this happened before the book starts.  Book is about a small town in upper New York state and how they are getting along.  Throw in a large group of new church types moving into town and some conflicts with neighbors to get things moving.  The main characters start to look around & see where they can make life better and so starts this series.  Really enjoyed the book and look forward to the next books in this series.

There are like 17 or maybe 30 some WL for this book so I will mail it off at some point.  Right now my credit situation is okay so not posting much at this point.

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