Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Cassandra Complex--#26 finished

A sci-fi book about the no to far away future--maybe 30-40 years away.  Book was written around 2000 and is a branch off the author's series I guess.  I haven't read the series, this is first book I read by author.  A good read with interesting takes on what the future may hold and certainly seems possible in ways.  A kidnapping and police work to track this all down, interesting read.  Glad I read this but didn't wow me and I know there is a lot of sci-fi out there that I should probably get on reading more.

This is an ex-library copy that shows its wear so can't post it on PBS.  It will start my new give away pile since I just took a box of books to a local nursing home.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Capital City--#25 finished

This is from NE author Mari Sandoz.  She wrote this back in the '30s with the depression going on and was basically an attach on Lincoln, NE where she was living and working at university at the time.  She does attack the moneyed and the movers and shakers as not helping out the poor or working class.  As far as reading though, was slow and a lot of similar names so confusion about which person and what was going on was a problem.  Because it was tough to get started, this book took probably took me almost 2 months to finish.  Glad I read it, I have really liked other books by Mari Sandoz but this one not so much.

Mari Sandoz books are keepers for me so I will be keeping it at least for now.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fur, Fortune and Empire--#24 finished

A good read about the fur trade in mostly American, only some about Canada from when first settled by Europeans till the late 1800s.  Lots about the beavers, the animal that was probably the reason for the whole trade starting off.  Interesting how the fur trappers just continued across the whole country and once beaver wasn't as important & almost gone then buffalo became the next big thing that was hunted or more like harvested to near extinction.  Interesting read with the sad parts about the killing of the animals and the pushing the Indians off the lands too.  Also interesting about how the mountain men helped grow our country from coast to coast.  Good read.

I will be posting it on PBS at some point, I think there are like 14 or maybe 10 WL for it so it will move once I decide to post it.

Monday, May 8, 2017

War Hawk--#23 finished

This is the next in a branch off of the Sigma series by James Rollins.  This is the Tucker Wayne branch where he is ex-military with an ex-military dog Kane.  He is sort of getting pulled toward Sigma and they assisted him some in this but still mostly his doing.  High powered media type wanting more and more, basically starts wars with drones and false media reports.  Researchers that did some of the work disappeared/killed off, one got away & she of course knew Tucker and pulls him into checking on others.  He gets involved and in the end stops a war before it gets too big.  Some of it is probably too close to reality but I just have a hard time believing that as many people are killed as book hints at without someone talking and giving all this away.  Not a bad read but I think I like the regular Sigma series better but will keep at this one too.

I have already posted it on PBS, there were like 9 WL only so wanted to make sure got posted & mailed off soon.  That is also part of the reason I choose this book to read a few weeks back.