Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Damaged--#45 finished

Playing a little catchup with Alex Kava's Maggie O'Dell series.  I accidentally read a book out of order--Stranded and skipped 3 books.  This one, Damaged was the next in series that I should have read.  I have the next 2 as well so will try to get to them in the next couple months.  This was a little different than some of hers, it happened in Pensacola, FL with a hurricane on the way.  The killer she caught was more of a greedy body harvesting bastard than a kill for the sick fun of it types she usually chases.  Good story, good quick read.

So far the Alex Kava books have stayed on my keeper shelf since she is a NE author but might just move them yet.  No real desire to re-read them or to pass them along either.  Will probably wait till get series done & then think about it.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The King's Curse--#44 finished

This is another of Philippa Gregory's books on the English Kings & Queens.  This one is basically about the reign of King Henry VIII from the perspective of Margaret Pole.  She was both an insider and also part of a rival family to the Tudors.  Book really puts you inside what is happening and leaves you with as many questions as it seems as the historians still have today.  Interesting time and interesting characters.  This is a good read.

There are like 40 some WL for the book so it will be mailed off at some point but no hurry to do so right now.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Stranded--#43 finished

I try to read series books in order as I guess most people do.  For some reason, I grabbed this book & read it without checking the order.  It is 3 ahead of where I was.  Funny thing is I had just ordered 2 of those 3 from PBS and had gotten them in within the last month.  Of course I misplaced them, just finding them now after a couple of weeks.  I will backtrack and start reading the next in order now to get caught up.  I think this is the last in the just Maggie O'Dell series, the author introduced another character, Creed, in this book and looks like she has started a new series with him & Maggie together.  This was another similar story to the earlier books in series, Maggie and partner are FBI profilers and investigators that take on serial killers and get caught up in one that was coming after them.  Good read, good page turner.

I have been keeping this series so will probably continue to do so at this point.  This being a newer book, I don't think there are any copies on system so if I post, it would probably move.  Might just wait & see after I finish the other 3 & then decide if want to keep series or not.  This is a NE author, the reason I have been keeping them.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rogue Lawyer--#42 finished

Another good John Grisham book.  A lawyer that defends the worst of the worst and is basically hated by police, media, locals and victims.  Some of the people are innocent but the bad police tried to stick it too them.  Good story, not sure much of it is likely or expected but a fast paced action book, good page turner.

I will post it on PBS at some point, I think there was 40+ on the WL for it but Grisham books move fast.

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Saudi Connection--#41 finished

An older disgraced news reporter is given a tip on hot story but then people involved start dying.  He teams up with hot Al-Jazeera reporter on the story and it takes them into Mid-East.  It is a linking of Saudi money and a right wing terrorist group in US with an assassination attempt of a nominated presidential candidate.  Story keeps moving and has some twists but overall just a good story.

I have already posted it on PBS, only 1 other hard copy but 13 paperbacks.  I don't expect it to move but few enough in PBS to leave for a while & see.