Monday, June 25, 2012

The Deepest Cut--#35 finished

This is the 3rd in the series of 4, at least I think it is 4.  It is a quick read.  I kind of like the series and it seems to have come to a nice ending with the serial killer being caught/killed.  I am not sure what the next book is about or how it continues but I will probably grab it and read it sometime in the next few months.  This book did a nice job of finishing things up and getting to some kind of conclusion, although I wasn't really happy with the surprise ending of the book.  I guess I will take the ending that I don't like that at least wraps things up over a more predictable ending and the series just ending awkwardly.  I am not sure that really makes sense but oh well.

I have posted it on PBS and there is 1 copy ahead of it.  I think it will move at some point but might take a while.  Still reading those other books and might look to add another one tonight.  I would like to get one more finished this month but not sure that will happen at this point.  35 read for 6 months isn't bad though.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Demonic--#34 finished

It has been a slow month for reading for me.  A couple books that I have been reading are just plain slow, throw in busy at work, summer so other stuff going on well, it has been slow reading.  I did finish this Ann Coulter book and I was surprised how much I liked it.  She looked back at the French Revolution and compared it to the US Revolution and how they really were not similar.  The French Revolution did play a role in the US Rev in that the US leaders wanted to avoid what was happening in France at that time.  The other kind of central thought was the mob mentality of the liberals, not sure I completely buy this, at least for the majority of the Dem party but there is certainly a segment of the party that likes the ideas of mobs.

Like I said I was surprised because I have seen Ann Coulter on Fox News several times and while I think a lot of what she says is for shock or humor, I wasn't really sure about her intelligence.  This was a good book with some interesting points.  I will have to see about reading other books by her.

I have already posted it on PBS so will be passing it along early next week.  I am still reading those 2 slow books, Edgar Sawtelle and Even Cowgirls get the Blues.  I worked on both during vacation but didn't make much headway and neither had much going on that hooked me to the point of wanting to read more than a few pages at a time.  I started The Deepest Cut by Dianne Emley, this is the 3rd in the series and have read quite a bit in the short time so far.  I don't think I am starting a 4th book right now, maybe in a couple days but I really want to get The Deepest Cut done before end of month and also make some head way on one of the other two.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Jefferson Key--#33 finished

June has been a slow month for reading for me, probably because I have been busy with many other things.  It is nice though to have a Cotton Malone book, quick action adventure with short chapters so easy to start and stop when only have a few minutes at a time to read.  I think I liked the other Cotton Malone books a little better than this one but it was still a mostly fun read.  A missing bad person at the end points to the adversary in the next book I guess.  Still a fun book and a fun series to read.  I missed the  first couple books in the series so I might at some point have to go back and read them.

I am still working on Edgar Sawtelle and Demonic and have been reading Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.  The Cowgirls book is one that I have really not liked since the beginning and had basically stopped reading a couple times but have just kept at it.  I am not that far into it only 130 pages but have been reading it for a couple months I guess, embarrassingly slow but oh well.  I will try to finish Demonic before vacation starts and take the other 2 along with a couple others to chose from for vacation reads.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Way People Run--#32 finished

This is a short story book and the stories are really very good.  There is a lot packed into each story, with something memorable about each one.  Some good emotions about some tough times the characters are going through.  I am not a big short story person but did enjoy this book.

My reading has really slipped off lately, just not staying awake and reading as much as I was before.  I am still working on 4 books but not moving much on any of them.  I finished this one up because it was the shortest I think.  I think I am going to force myself not to start another till I get much closer to wrapping up a couple more first.  Still reading The Jefferson Key, Edgar Sawtelle and Demonic.  I have also been reading Even Cowgirls Get the Blues--so far I really don't like the book and have been close to quitting it probably a dozen times.  It has been a couple months like this and have now gotten past 100 pages and figure I will stick through it--maybe.