Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Way People Run--#32 finished

This is a short story book and the stories are really very good.  There is a lot packed into each story, with something memorable about each one.  Some good emotions about some tough times the characters are going through.  I am not a big short story person but did enjoy this book.

My reading has really slipped off lately, just not staying awake and reading as much as I was before.  I am still working on 4 books but not moving much on any of them.  I finished this one up because it was the shortest I think.  I think I am going to force myself not to start another till I get much closer to wrapping up a couple more first.  Still reading The Jefferson Key, Edgar Sawtelle and Demonic.  I have also been reading Even Cowgirls Get the Blues--so far I really don't like the book and have been close to quitting it probably a dozen times.  It has been a couple months like this and have now gotten past 100 pages and figure I will stick through it--maybe.

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