Monday, November 26, 2012

Exposure--#64 finished

An interesting read about the over-exposure of Hollywood stars in the future kind of way.  Hollywood talent agencies completely over use stars on digital billboards.  They have even developed digital images of past stars or as they call them restars.  There became a kind of terrorist group working against Hollywood and this billboard thing.  It was an interesting and kind of thought provoking read, not a great read but certainly interesting.  I read it in just a few days but it didn't seem like a page turner but I guess it was at least results wise.  Of course, I was reading it over a long weekend with Thanksgiving so I had the time to put into it.

I am still reading the Civil War book and just started G is for Gumshoe, the next Kinsey Milhone book. I will probably look at starting another book tonight as well.  I have posted Exposure on PBS and there is one copy ahead of it.  I will guess it will move at some point but who knows how long it will take.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Goodnight Steve McQueen--#63 finished

This is the 3rd book by this author, Louise Wener, that I have enjoyed.  She was a singer in Britain that made the charts and has switched over to writing.  I haven't listened to any of her songs or singing but I do enjoy her books.  This one is about a couple that has been together for a while and has kind of stagnated.  She has a good job and is basically supporting him while he works part time and is in a band seemingly going nowhere.  She gives him an ultimatum that within a few months something has to change--band has to get something going or he has to find a job.  The band scraps together a tour as the warmup act to a pop band/singer that he, Danny, knows.  They don't get paid but get exposure.  All the while she, Alison, has been transferred to Belgian.  Relationship problems, band problems, goofy band members and other kind of strange/quirky friends.  Throw in just kind of crazy thoughts and it is an interesting read.

I have posted it on PBS, there were already 7 copies on the system so I doubt it moves for a while but good book but no need to keep it either.  I just started Exposure the other day and pushed a head on No Greater Courage--just pushed over 100 pages into it today.  I will probably look to add a 3rd book tonight as well.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Longshot--#62 finished

I really enjoyed this book about a basketball player, Lance Allred.  The sentence after the title describes it better than I could hope to--The Adventures of a Deaf Fundamentalist Morman Kid and His Journey to the NBA.  A really good book that gave great insight into his basketball life.  While his NBA career only lasted 3 games, the work he put into and the trials he went through were interesting to read about.  It is a tough life to be a fringe professional like that, I don't think too many people realize that.  They see the pros in sports at the highest levels making millions and millions and don't realize the many layers below that that are living in near poverty to play a game they love for a chance at more.  Lance wrote the book and his writing style is also very good.  He is in process of writing other books of fiction as well.

I will probably be posting it on PBS at some point, I think there are 3 or 4 WL for it.  I have been kind of saving up the other WL books that I have read to see if I could bundle them to save on postage and/or trouble of mailing.  Since there are not many WL for this book, will probably just post & mail.  I am now down to 2 books reading--Goodnight Steve McQueen, which I think I am around 100 pages to go--could finish it this weekend and No Greater Courage, the Civil War book, but only like 40 pages into it.  I will be looking for a 3rd book to start tonight.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Soul Catcher--#61 finished

This is the 3rd in Alex Kava's Maggie O'Dell series.  It is pretty good, a little violent but a good page turner.  I have a few more in this series so I had ordered and only gotten this book a month or so ago.  The characters are good and you can see story and the characters continuing to build for the next book or books.  This one involved her mom more than the others and also opened up more questions of her family which will continue in the next books.  I will probably try to get on those books a little quicker than I have been.  I a good read and a good page turner.

At this point I am keeping this series so won't be posting it on PBS.  I won't be adding another book right not, still reading Goodnight Steve McQueen, Longshot by a basketball player Allred and started but hardly read the next Civil War book, but can't remember the title.  Four is really too many books for me to be reading at once, two or three seems to be better so none get pushed out of it completely.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Zone One--#60 finished

Wow, what a very good book, even if it is an after the majority of the human population becomes zombies.  At times intense, hopeful, dreadful, gross, shocking, confusing--the book really covers about every emotion and thought.  It really makes you wonder.  I have read a couple other zombie books, The Cell, a Stephen King book a few years ago, The Passage--the first in a trilogy but this is really the best of them.  I really enjoyed this book in a kind of sick or perverse way you would enjoy a zombie and life as we know it ends kind of book.

I will probably post it on PBS at some point but not right away.  I think the WL for it is over 200 so will be in no hurry to move it.  I am down to one book now Goodnight Steve McQueen.  I had started one but gave up after 20 or so pages.  I will grab another one yet tonight but probably won't start it till tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Mother's Lover--#59 finished

I finished this book tonight but still not sure how I feel about it.  I had been reading it for maybe a month or not quite.  The only child, a son, of a pioneering woman in South Africa, looks back at his mom's life and the times of Africa starting in the '50s to present day.  It is a fiction account but at first I thought it was non-fiction.  Very believable characters and an interesting story of them and Africa.  Still overall I am thinking it was just okay.

I will probably be posting it on PBS sometime soon, there is 1 WL for it.  It has had 1 WL for a while now--maybe a year since I picked up the book at a library sale.  I would like to mail it off if I can.

I am still reading Zone One and also Goodnight Steve McQueen.  I will be looking for a 3rd book to start tonight or within the next couple of nights.