Monday, November 26, 2012

Exposure--#64 finished

An interesting read about the over-exposure of Hollywood stars in the future kind of way.  Hollywood talent agencies completely over use stars on digital billboards.  They have even developed digital images of past stars or as they call them restars.  There became a kind of terrorist group working against Hollywood and this billboard thing.  It was an interesting and kind of thought provoking read, not a great read but certainly interesting.  I read it in just a few days but it didn't seem like a page turner but I guess it was at least results wise.  Of course, I was reading it over a long weekend with Thanksgiving so I had the time to put into it.

I am still reading the Civil War book and just started G is for Gumshoe, the next Kinsey Milhone book. I will probably look at starting another book tonight as well.  I have posted Exposure on PBS and there is one copy ahead of it.  I will guess it will move at some point but who knows how long it will take.

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