Friday, November 9, 2012

Zone One--#60 finished

Wow, what a very good book, even if it is an after the majority of the human population becomes zombies.  At times intense, hopeful, dreadful, gross, shocking, confusing--the book really covers about every emotion and thought.  It really makes you wonder.  I have read a couple other zombie books, The Cell, a Stephen King book a few years ago, The Passage--the first in a trilogy but this is really the best of them.  I really enjoyed this book in a kind of sick or perverse way you would enjoy a zombie and life as we know it ends kind of book.

I will probably post it on PBS at some point but not right away.  I think the WL for it is over 200 so will be in no hurry to move it.  I am down to one book now Goodnight Steve McQueen.  I had started one but gave up after 20 or so pages.  I will grab another one yet tonight but probably won't start it till tomorrow.

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