Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry--#22 finished

A really good read with some tragedy and lots of hopefulness thrown together.  Life around a bookstore on a small summer tourist island in MA.  I really liked the characters in book and enjoyed how AJ grew into his life and embraced the town & the people there.  I liked the relationship of a bookstore and the publisher that was talked about--something I hadn't really thought about before.  I liked the relationship between AJ & the people around him including his wife Amy.  Just a good read.

For this paperback version there is 0 WL but there are several WL for hardback versions, I am pretty sure it will get requested once I post it which will probably be pretty soon.

Some Rain Must Fall--#21 finished

A short story book with good characters and interesting happenings.  The author is from Australia and  stories had British characters, nice change from reading about people from US all the time.  Enjoyed the stories, good short story book.  I finished it a couple days ago but just now getting it written up here.

There is 1 WL for the book so I will post it probably soon to ship it off.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

T is for Trespass--#20 finished

Another good story in the Kinsey Millhone series, this time the crotchety old neighbor takes a fall and breaks a bone.  He needs a nurse to help him out and an imposter and thief is hired on.  Several twists and turns along with an interesting car accident case happen along the way.  Good read and good continuation of the series.

This is part of my keepers this series.  There are already plenty of copies of these books in the PBS system so no reason to add another copy.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Patty Jane's House of Curl--#19 finished

A book about a couple sisters that overcame a tough childhood and then had their own unusual struggles in their lives as well.  Patty Jane's husband disappeared before their first child was born.  Harriet's fiance who was very wealthy, died in a plane crash.  Harriet kind of checks out of life & into a bottle and prostitution.  Eventually she is saved to only develop lung cancer & die.  Somewhere in all this Patty Jane's husband is discovered having a brain injury and living with a crazy woman--crazy woman commits suicide once found out though.  Just a bit too much and characters seem too far out there.  Mixed feelings on the book, not a bad read but just too much crazy not likely stuff going on too.  

I have posted it on PBS, it was the 50th copy of the paperback, I didn't check how many hardback copies but I am sure a bunch there too.  With an interesting title someone ordering something else may throw it in too.  If not might pick off in a couple months & donate away.