Sunday, July 31, 2016

S is for Silence--#36 finished

The next in Sue Grafton's series and like the others is a good read.  Not much about Kinsey's personal life or the town she lives in.  This book happens almost completely in nearby towns with her investigating the disappearance of a lady in the 1950s.  Lots of luck and the normal piecing of things together get the body found and then eventually the killer too.  Good stuff and good series.  I have the next few books too so will keep at reading them till get caught up or series is finished.

This is a keeper series for me so it will be staying on my shelf.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Blue Warrior--#35 finished

This is the 2nd book in a series by a newer author Mike Maden.  It is a good continuation of the series.  The books kind of revolve around drone technology and a former CIA field operative who left government work for private & became very rich.  He of course gets pulled back into hot situations with this one being in Africa and a former lover is there too.  Good story overall though.  Like that areas and situations are a little different than what some of the other action books I have been reading have done.

I will probably be posting it on PBS soon, there is 1 WL for it last time I looked so would be nice to get it moving instead of sitting on my shelf.  I have been keeping my PBS credits a little low so might post even tonight so could maybe mail this weekend.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Blessing Way--#34 finished

This was a older paperback started on vacation.  A 1960s Indian mysticism and murder mystery story set on reservation in New Mexico.  A pretty good read with Indian detective kind of working it out.  Indian witchcraft and plain old greed at work.  Like I said was a pretty good read for what it was.

The book has a small stain on the cover so I won't even bother with it on PBS, I think I got it from a deal as an unpostable from someone on PBS anyway.  I will put this in my donate to the retirement home pile.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Second Marriage--#33 finished

A book from the 1980s, where the wife of a married couple wants a separation and the interesting people around them.  The husband's first wife comes back into the picture and she is having troubles with her latest marriage, she meets the 2nd & current wife & moves in for a while.  Wife & 1st wife click in a way & current wife asks husband to move out.  Book kind of dances around issue of what is going on but sure seems like a lesbian relationship bloomed.  Book from point of view of husband and he has his dates too.  This is prior to Aids so relationships a lot different it seems, mostly hinted at casual sex and lots of it going on.  Eventually husband wife seem to get together again at end, first wife moves on to a different previous boyfriend or husband.

An okay read, kind of interesting because it hints at just how different a time it was.

I have posted it on PBS, it is the only copy so I would expect it to move at some point.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Red--#32 finished

This is another book finished in June during vacation with no access to internet so only getting updated now.  This is the first book in a trilogy and is a very good start.  Main character is in military and just the updated military equipment with skullcaps that help control emotions, get instant feedback, can give orders to troops and get info from helpers that are off site.  Also with outfits that are able to increase abilities and strengths.  All of this would seem to be on design tables somewhere out there.  In this a defense contractor is the bad person, at least this unit believes and this DC exploded nuclear devices in several US cities.  The unit has to go rogue to arrest this DC and take them to an African nation for justice.  They just get this done and book 2 will continue from there.  Also the main character has lost both legs just above knees and is outfitted with super kind of quasi-robot legs.  I am sure there were be more twists and turns in series and I am looking forward to the rest of it.

I will probably be posting it on PBS, there are 2 WL for it now so will probably get it mailed off soon for that reason.

Youth and the Bright Medusa--#31 finished

This is one that I finished in June while on vacation but didn't have access to internet to update this blog.  This is a short story book by Willa Cather, a NE writer.  Generally good stories but I think the last 2 were the best and the ones that stuck with me.  The man who became a sculptor, a world famous sculptor, and who died young and was returned to small town KS and the description of what the town folk said of him was really interesting.  He knew the towns people would run him down because his interests were not his.  I found the quote he told his friend that came back with his body, "The townspeople will come in for a look at me; and after they have had their say, I shan't have much to fear from the judgement of God!"  Really good stuff.

I will keep this book, like all my Cather books.  Just nice to kind of have a collection of my NE authors.