Sunday, July 3, 2016

Youth and the Bright Medusa--#31 finished

This is one that I finished in June while on vacation but didn't have access to internet to update this blog.  This is a short story book by Willa Cather, a NE writer.  Generally good stories but I think the last 2 were the best and the ones that stuck with me.  The man who became a sculptor, a world famous sculptor, and who died young and was returned to small town KS and the description of what the town folk said of him was really interesting.  He knew the towns people would run him down because his interests were not his.  I found the quote he told his friend that came back with his body, "The townspeople will come in for a look at me; and after they have had their say, I shan't have much to fear from the judgement of God!"  Really good stuff.

I will keep this book, like all my Cather books.  Just nice to kind of have a collection of my NE authors.

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