Friday, November 27, 2015

Gestapo Mars--#66 finished

Same author that wrote Go Go Girls of the Apocalypse and same kind of style.  Just a kind of crazy scenario where action & quips keep coming.  Just a fun entertaining read if you like this kind of thing, I am guessing plenty of people might not though.  A cryo-frozen James Bond type assassin is unthawed over 200 years since he was frozen and things have changed.  He has a mission but is not really told what it is and figuring out good and bad guys isn't easy.  Fun ride though an interesting concept of the future.

There are like 5 WL for it so I will probably ship it off at some point sort of soon.  I hate mailing this time of year because post office is busy but no reason to really hang on to the book, better to mail off for someone else to enjoy.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Immortal Rules--#65 finished

The first book in a 3 part series about world gone to hell.  Red lung disease came about & was killing lots of people.  Vampires come out of hiding to help but instead hurt, causing an almost zombie like low level vampire.  Vampires to save themselves setup fortresses in cities & keep people around to harvest blood.  Fringer girl gets turned into vampire by loner vampire & she learns something about vampire culture.  She leaves tore up city where she lived whole life & finds group kind of wandering around, acts human and joins up.  Gets found out & banished but helps them out.  Lays some groundwork for next books too.  Good story, really enjoyed the book.

The book I have the ISBN is not registering on PBS, the other ISBN all have a WL so if ever figure out could mail off.  Will keep at this point & give to my kids to read and might stay as keeper book, not sure, will probably depend how next 2 books in series go.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Yuletide Bandit--#64 finished

Good true story crime book about a serial criminal that started robbing banks & moved up to robbing brinks trucks.  Along the way stole guns and other equipment from stores too.  Even stole some jewelry from jewelry store.  Was basically a successful criminal for 8 years, didn't get caught.  Got shot in the ankle once & kind of recovered but think had a limp for a while.  Basically only got caught because he was doing big time amount of drugs--cocaine & crack, instead of his more normal joints & pills he was doing before.  The drugs made him paranoid and he realized he told a prostitute that he was kind of dating that he was this criminal.  So he takes more drugs & then takes her hostage and being unable to kill himself after letting her go, he comes down from high and falls asleep where then cops bust in & arrest him.  This is all in Canada where laws different but he only gets 23 years--seems really really light but oh well.  Good story & interesting details.  I checked news & can't find anything recent so guess still in jail, this is like 12 years or so later--would have been up for parole a few years back for first time.

There were no copies on PBS so I posted it a couple days ago and it has already been requested.  It was requested before I even finished the book.  It is done & will go off in the mail tomorrow.

I'm Kind of a Big Deal--#63 finished

A funny short story memoir kind of book by a lady that grew up on Mass and moved to California after high school to get famous.  Funny stuff about her life and then growing up and getting a writing job after years as a failed actress.  Then onto life with kids.  I enjoyed the book and her stories.  I really like this style of book, similar to the Jewish girl that grew up on Omaha and moved to New York.  You catch glimpses of their life that is mostly for entertainment.  So maybe not so much about all the details of life but more of just funny stories about their life.

I will post on PBS at some point, something like 23 WL for it so no hurry to do so now.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Kingmaker's Daughter--#62 finished

This is the 4th book in Philippa Gregory's series about the Cousin's War, later called War of the Roses. This book focuses on the younger of Richard Neville's(Earl of Warwick) daughters that became queen under Richard.  Her knowledge of the time and the research done to make this a likely happening for a historical fiction book continues to amaze me.  Some of these happenings were gone over in the different books but from a different perspective, to hear them again but from now Anne's perspective is enjoyable.  Good book & good series.

I will probably be posting on PBS.  There is a small crack in binding that I might try a little glue to fix before sending out though.  I am not sure how many WL for it but enough that I have time on it, do not have to rush to move it out.