Friday, November 27, 2015

Gestapo Mars--#66 finished

Same author that wrote Go Go Girls of the Apocalypse and same kind of style.  Just a kind of crazy scenario where action & quips keep coming.  Just a fun entertaining read if you like this kind of thing, I am guessing plenty of people might not though.  A cryo-frozen James Bond type assassin is unthawed over 200 years since he was frozen and things have changed.  He has a mission but is not really told what it is and figuring out good and bad guys isn't easy.  Fun ride though an interesting concept of the future.

There are like 5 WL for it so I will probably ship it off at some point sort of soon.  I hate mailing this time of year because post office is busy but no reason to really hang on to the book, better to mail off for someone else to enjoy.

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