Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Yuletide Bandit--#64 finished

Good true story crime book about a serial criminal that started robbing banks & moved up to robbing brinks trucks.  Along the way stole guns and other equipment from stores too.  Even stole some jewelry from jewelry store.  Was basically a successful criminal for 8 years, didn't get caught.  Got shot in the ankle once & kind of recovered but think had a limp for a while.  Basically only got caught because he was doing big time amount of drugs--cocaine & crack, instead of his more normal joints & pills he was doing before.  The drugs made him paranoid and he realized he told a prostitute that he was kind of dating that he was this criminal.  So he takes more drugs & then takes her hostage and being unable to kill himself after letting her go, he comes down from high and falls asleep where then cops bust in & arrest him.  This is all in Canada where laws different but he only gets 23 years--seems really really light but oh well.  Good story & interesting details.  I checked news & can't find anything recent so guess still in jail, this is like 12 years or so later--would have been up for parole a few years back for first time.

There were no copies on PBS so I posted it a couple days ago and it has already been requested.  It was requested before I even finished the book.  It is done & will go off in the mail tomorrow.

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