Monday, November 23, 2015

The Immortal Rules--#65 finished

The first book in a 3 part series about world gone to hell.  Red lung disease came about & was killing lots of people.  Vampires come out of hiding to help but instead hurt, causing an almost zombie like low level vampire.  Vampires to save themselves setup fortresses in cities & keep people around to harvest blood.  Fringer girl gets turned into vampire by loner vampire & she learns something about vampire culture.  She leaves tore up city where she lived whole life & finds group kind of wandering around, acts human and joins up.  Gets found out & banished but helps them out.  Lays some groundwork for next books too.  Good story, really enjoyed the book.

The book I have the ISBN is not registering on PBS, the other ISBN all have a WL so if ever figure out could mail off.  Will keep at this point & give to my kids to read and might stay as keeper book, not sure, will probably depend how next 2 books in series go.

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