Friday, March 31, 2017

The Turk & My Mother--#18 finished

Written as a kind of family history that starts before WWI with the family in Hungary.  One son leaves for America with wife left behind expecting.  After war wife & family move to America.  A son left behind had ended up in army and lost in WWI from family.  He eventually ends up on Siberia before returning to Hungary with a wife and family.  Really interesting characters and story.  It is a good read.

There is 1 WL for it on PBS so I will be posting it & hopefully mailing off soon.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Napoleon's Hemorrhoids--#17 finished

Book has a lot of quick what if type items.  Really short write-ups like sometimes only 1 or 2 paragraphs to maybe 2 pages at most.  Fun stuff that lets you think about history in a different way.  I have mentioned some of these to my wife & oldest and both should probably read it, it is quick and enjoyable.

There are 2 WL for it but for now it will stay as a keeper for me.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Drone Threat--#16 finished

This is the 4th book in a series and just have feeling the series is done.  Rogue kind of guy that is now a super rich owner of the best drone/security company in the world that is dating a ex-president--female ex-president.  Well the new president that took over when girlfriend resigned, wants to establish some kind of drone position in government and asks him to run it.  Wow, the first few books had some reality fantasy issues, this one makes believing the characters as impossible.  The terrorists threatening the US with drone attacks and all that okay.  A twist at the end is just not believable either.  It was a nice series but I would be hard pressed to keep reading even if there is another one.  This series has just finished it's run for me.  Too many other books out there.

There is 1 WL for this book so I will probably post it soon to get it off my shelf.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hikikomori and the Rental Sister--#15 finished

Really good and interesting read.  Subject was really something different, not your typical story.  A young father's son is killed and he blames himself.  He shuts himself in a room for 3+ years, only sneaking out at night for food & magazines.  His wife is left to live in the rest of the apartment by herself shut off from her husband.  She hires a rental sister, a young Japanese woman that helps bring the husband out of the room.  The relationships are interesting and the stories around them are very good.  Really enjoyed this book.

This is an Advance Reader copy of the book so cannot post on PBS even though that is where I got it, person before me I guess didn't know this.  It will go in my donate away pile.  I think I have enough there to now take to the retirement home I have gone to in the past & see if they want these.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Genesis Secret--#14 finished

Supposed to be an action book, I guess along the Dan Brown DiVinci Code type but I just did see that.  Just never grabbed me and everything seemed forced.  Didn't really like the characters and didn't buy the whole, "if this gets out, all religions would be over" or something like that.  Archaeological dig going on in Turkey/Syria area in Kurdistan, where bad things happen.  Punk rich young men in Great Britain are killing/torturing people there and the stories come together.  I didn't buy that either but in the book sense they did.  Just glad to have finished this one, took too long.  I have had too many stinkers so far this year, may have to re-read a good one from the past to remind me what good books are like.

Can't post this one on PBS, it is an ex-library book with some minor water staining & just other stuff throughout.  It will get donated away.  There were already copies on PBS so I doubt it would have moved anyway.

What Was I Thinking--#13 finished

The rest of the title was 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories.  It was 58 very short write-ups about bad boyfriends or things they did that the woman knew the relationship was over.  A few good ones but mostly not much there. Also just about every writer was West coast or East coast, nothing from mid America except for one that did mention Chicago.  Oh well, read it because thought would be nice light reading filler kind of book for when only had a couple minutes to read here & there and it fit the bill nicely for that.  For actual entertainment, not so much.

I have posted it back on PBS, there is 1 copy ahead of it.  I hope it moves at some point and I would think it will but never know.  I had finished this book a few days ago but just now realized I hadn't logged it in yet.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly--#12 finished

Good read about a doctor in his first year of residency and getting the experience needed to become a real doctor.  Good insight into the stresses, hours and all the details that we expect our doctors to be experts at.  I really like this same author's earlier book about a year he spent in the baseball minor leagues.  While that was probably a funnier book, this was still a very good read because of the insight.

There are 7 WL for this book so I will get it posted & mailed off probably sometime soon.