Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Genesis Secret--#14 finished

Supposed to be an action book, I guess along the Dan Brown DiVinci Code type but I just did see that.  Just never grabbed me and everything seemed forced.  Didn't really like the characters and didn't buy the whole, "if this gets out, all religions would be over" or something like that.  Archaeological dig going on in Turkey/Syria area in Kurdistan, where bad things happen.  Punk rich young men in Great Britain are killing/torturing people there and the stories come together.  I didn't buy that either but in the book sense they did.  Just glad to have finished this one, took too long.  I have had too many stinkers so far this year, may have to re-read a good one from the past to remind me what good books are like.

Can't post this one on PBS, it is an ex-library book with some minor water staining & just other stuff throughout.  It will get donated away.  There were already copies on PBS so I doubt it would have moved anyway.

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