Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hikikomori and the Rental Sister--#15 finished

Really good and interesting read.  Subject was really something different, not your typical story.  A young father's son is killed and he blames himself.  He shuts himself in a room for 3+ years, only sneaking out at night for food & magazines.  His wife is left to live in the rest of the apartment by herself shut off from her husband.  She hires a rental sister, a young Japanese woman that helps bring the husband out of the room.  The relationships are interesting and the stories around them are very good.  Really enjoyed this book.

This is an Advance Reader copy of the book so cannot post on PBS even though that is where I got it, person before me I guess didn't know this.  It will go in my donate away pile.  I think I have enough there to now take to the retirement home I have gone to in the past & see if they want these.

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