Thursday, May 24, 2012

Composed--#31 finished

This is a memoir by Rosanne Cash daughter of Johnny Cash & his first wife, I think the oldest daughter too.  She went into the music business first as a songwriter and then to performer and has been very successful.  An interesting read in how she has grown and how her prespective has changed over time.  I am not a country music fan so I really had no knowledge of her except as Johnny Cash's daughter.  This book gave some insight into her and the whole family dynamic, beyond what the Johnny Cash movie gave.

I will be posting it on PBS at some point but probably not for a week or two yet.  Still too many credits and not enough of my WL books coming through.  Still reading Edgar Sawtelle, Demonic and added Jefferson Key.  I might add another before the weekend also.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome to the Great Mysterious--#30 finished

This is the 2nd book by the author Lorna Landvik that I have read.  I have enjoyed both of them, kind of a quirky different feel to the books than some of the other fiction that I read.  This book was about twin sisters, one that is a famous actress and the other a wife of a professor, she might be a professor as well but not completely sure.  The married sister has a son, Rich with Down syndrome so that is really what attracted me to the book.  It is a good book, nothing great or outstanding but I think the author did a nice job of handling Rich and his friend Conrad that has CP I think.  I am still interested in reading other books by the author.

I will be keeping this book, because of the topic and also because the copy I have looks like it has a small water stain.  Water stains are big no nos for PBS so I cannot ship it off.  That is okay because I want to keep it anyway.

Still reading too many other books but moving along with them.  Probably not starting anything new for a couple days at least to move some of these other books along.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Apostle--#29 finished

This is a Brad Thor thriller book with Scot Harvath back in action.  I read one of the series earlier and found this book.  It is a good book for what it is, action, saving the day type stuff.  I will probably keep at reading one of these once in a while because they are generally fun and kind of a quick read.

This is a nonpostable book so can't send through PBS.  I will probably donate it off somewhere at some point.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Secret Speech--#28 finished

From what I remember, and I didn't look back yet, I think I liked Child 44.  This is the 2nd book and 2nd in series about the main character Leo a former KGB(or what it was called under Stalin) agent who was able to switch out and investigate homicides in the USSR in the 1950s.  It is an okay read, but for me just too much stuff that just isn't believable goes on.  The characters just seem that much flatter than in the 1st book.  Now I am not saying this is a terrible book or anything but rather the promise that the first book showed, the 2nd could not keep up.  It will be interesting to see how the 3rd book goes, I think there is one but not completely sure about that though.

I have posted it on PBS, there were like 7 WL for it.  I also posted Down the Nile too and have an order for The Imaginary Girlfriend, so I will be shipping off some books next week.  I still have too many credits so I need to be ordering some books as well.  My WL books have been slow in coming up lately.  I am still reading The Apostle, Edgar Sawtelle and just started Welcome to the Great Mysterious.  There is another book that I started a while ago but have been sort of avoiding, not sure if will continue or not with it yet so no need to mention right now.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Down the Nile--#27 finished

An interesting travel kind of book.  The author Rosemary Mahoney, travels to Egypt with the desire and kind of a plan to row the Nile river.  While a woman doing this at a river in the US or Europe would really be not that big of a deal, in Egypt it is very different.  The first part of the book deals with her troubles in just finding a boat that she can use to row.  She ends up not able to purchase a boat but befriends a sort of captain of a boat that also has a smaller row boat that he allows her to use with him following her.  Later up the river she is able to purchase a row boat under the guise it is for her husband and continues on the journey.

Along with what she is going through she also quotes earlier writers that traveled the Nile in the past, Gustave Flaubert and Florence Nightingale are the two main ones but there were several others.  These insights from the past really added to the enjoyment of this book.  Overall I liked the book, very interesting.

I will be posting it on PBS, I think there are still around 12 WL for it.  I am still reading The Secret Speech, The Apostle and Edgar Sawtelle.  Not sure if I will add another to the mix tonight or not yet.