Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome to the Great Mysterious--#30 finished

This is the 2nd book by the author Lorna Landvik that I have read.  I have enjoyed both of them, kind of a quirky different feel to the books than some of the other fiction that I read.  This book was about twin sisters, one that is a famous actress and the other a wife of a professor, she might be a professor as well but not completely sure.  The married sister has a son, Rich with Down syndrome so that is really what attracted me to the book.  It is a good book, nothing great or outstanding but I think the author did a nice job of handling Rich and his friend Conrad that has CP I think.  I am still interested in reading other books by the author.

I will be keeping this book, because of the topic and also because the copy I have looks like it has a small water stain.  Water stains are big no nos for PBS so I cannot ship it off.  That is okay because I want to keep it anyway.

Still reading too many other books but moving along with them.  Probably not starting anything new for a couple days at least to move some of these other books along.

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