Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Art of Non-Conformity--#67 finished

Not my normal book to read, a kind of self help/re-think your life kind of book.  Had some interesting thoughts & ideas for people to break out and do something different.  It encourages the reader to step away from comfortable and try to decide what you really want out of life & to go get it.  Book seemed to focus on the big changes one can make and seems to brush aside obligations, not so easy for many to do but he mentions that as well.  An okay read and good reminder that generally speaking things do work out to some degree and it is okay to try things.  I am not at a place to try big changes but even smaller changes can be good.

There are either 60 some or maybe 80 some WL for this book so I will be posting at some point.  Previous owner wrote in the back of the book on a blank page but this is okay with PBS just got to let next person know.  I actually finished this a couple days ago back in Nov but just now getting it logged in.

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