Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Chris Farley Show--#71 finished

An interesting biography, it is basically clipped together quotes from the people that knew Chris Farley talking about the different times in his life.  Friends, family and co-workers, etc, interesting read and certainly interesting life.  Since it is just the quotes, each person kind of steps back & explains themselves on what is going on, there is not an overall writer really doing this.  Of course at times seems like a lot is going unsaid as well.  Interesting but not sure if it is the best method for a biography.

As far as his life, it is too bad Chris couldn't control his addictions to alcohol and then drugs.  It was mentioned that he might have been happier with a simpler life--married with kids to support, rather than single and crazy comedian lifestyle.  Since he couldn't control his life as it was, not sure he could have if his life was different either.  Just too bad his life ended so soon.

There are 3 WL for it and I will be posting it soon, probably in next few weeks.

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