Thursday, December 3, 2015

O is for Outlaw--#68 finished

The next in the Kinsey Millhone series and another good one.  Her ex-husband is shot & she is at first considered a suspect.  She has to delve into this and back to what caused her marriage to end.  While it was likely to end anyway, her then husband was accused of beating a guy outside a bar that caused the guy's previous head injury to kill him.  Husband wanted Kinsey to give an alibi/lie for him and she walked out then.  Him getting shot makes her re-investigate this & his shooting and she finds the ex was also re-investigating things and she follows his leads.  She figures it out & bad guy dies in end and ex never recovers from shooting and dies never coming out of coma.  Not one of my favorites but does give some insight into her earlier life along with the usual sharp detective work.

This is a keeper series for me so will not be posting it.  I am probably going to start right away on next in series, saw I had only read N this year and figured I really need to read more to get current on this series.

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