Saturday, June 23, 2012

Demonic--#34 finished

It has been a slow month for reading for me.  A couple books that I have been reading are just plain slow, throw in busy at work, summer so other stuff going on well, it has been slow reading.  I did finish this Ann Coulter book and I was surprised how much I liked it.  She looked back at the French Revolution and compared it to the US Revolution and how they really were not similar.  The French Revolution did play a role in the US Rev in that the US leaders wanted to avoid what was happening in France at that time.  The other kind of central thought was the mob mentality of the liberals, not sure I completely buy this, at least for the majority of the Dem party but there is certainly a segment of the party that likes the ideas of mobs.

Like I said I was surprised because I have seen Ann Coulter on Fox News several times and while I think a lot of what she says is for shock or humor, I wasn't really sure about her intelligence.  This was a good book with some interesting points.  I will have to see about reading other books by her.

I have already posted it on PBS so will be passing it along early next week.  I am still reading those 2 slow books, Edgar Sawtelle and Even Cowgirls get the Blues.  I worked on both during vacation but didn't make much headway and neither had much going on that hooked me to the point of wanting to read more than a few pages at a time.  I started The Deepest Cut by Dianne Emley, this is the 3rd in the series and have read quite a bit in the short time so far.  I don't think I am starting a 4th book right now, maybe in a couple days but I really want to get The Deepest Cut done before end of month and also make some head way on one of the other two.

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