Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Jefferson Key--#33 finished

June has been a slow month for reading for me, probably because I have been busy with many other things.  It is nice though to have a Cotton Malone book, quick action adventure with short chapters so easy to start and stop when only have a few minutes at a time to read.  I think I liked the other Cotton Malone books a little better than this one but it was still a mostly fun read.  A missing bad person at the end points to the adversary in the next book I guess.  Still a fun book and a fun series to read.  I missed the  first couple books in the series so I might at some point have to go back and read them.

I am still working on Edgar Sawtelle and Demonic and have been reading Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.  The Cowgirls book is one that I have really not liked since the beginning and had basically stopped reading a couple times but have just kept at it.  I am not that far into it only 130 pages but have been reading it for a couple months I guess, embarrassingly slow but oh well.  I will try to finish Demonic before vacation starts and take the other 2 along with a couple others to chose from for vacation reads.

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