Monday, September 12, 2016

Stranded--#43 finished

I try to read series books in order as I guess most people do.  For some reason, I grabbed this book & read it without checking the order.  It is 3 ahead of where I was.  Funny thing is I had just ordered 2 of those 3 from PBS and had gotten them in within the last month.  Of course I misplaced them, just finding them now after a couple of weeks.  I will backtrack and start reading the next in order now to get caught up.  I think this is the last in the just Maggie O'Dell series, the author introduced another character, Creed, in this book and looks like she has started a new series with him & Maggie together.  This was another similar story to the earlier books in series, Maggie and partner are FBI profilers and investigators that take on serial killers and get caught up in one that was coming after them.  Good read, good page turner.

I have been keeping this series so will probably continue to do so at this point.  This being a newer book, I don't think there are any copies on system so if I post, it would probably move.  Might just wait & see after I finish the other 3 & then decide if want to keep series or not.  This is a NE author, the reason I have been keeping them.

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