Sunday, January 29, 2017

Long for this World--#6 finished

The complete title, The Strange Science of Immortality.  An interesting read about the science of living forever.  Some about the overall if possible and some about the steps that are being done to solve diseases and other things that get us as we get older.  Also looks back some in history about this & theories.  He just touched on the whole should this be done, one line about if immortality is achieved it would also be achieved for dictators, imagine Stalin, Hitler, etc now living forever.  Also of course it would be the rich & power that would get this first and the rest maybe at some point.  Makes for what would be a science fiction novel.  Actually kind of scary and surprised he didn't spend more than a sentence or two on this.  Overall an interesting read.

There are 3 WL for this book so I plan to post it soon & mail off, no reason to keep.

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