Monday, April 1, 2013

Running update

A quick post on my running.  I was going to do a half marathon on 3/24 but instead it was cancelled because of a major snow storm.  It hasn't been rescheduled yet and I haven't found another race that I want to do.  Anyway that was a Sunday, on the Wednesday after Forest Park had it's path clear so I decided to do 2 laps there for 12 miles.  I thought about continuing till I did a half, 13.1 but with no water and legs being very sore, decided 12 was enough.  It was a slow 12 with the 12th being very slow.  I would have gotten through a half but I really am not in shape for one right now.

I did a very slow 2.5 on this last Sunday, Easter--I had eaten too much for lunch and I can never run good on a full stomach.  Oh well was glad to get the run in at least.  So at this point nothing is scheduled but I do want to continue to get my running in.

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