Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life of Pi--#18 finished

I haven't seen the movie yet, will probably wait for the video since I think it has gone through the dollar movie theater here.  This was a book that came through PBS and I think it was part of a deal back a couple years ago before the movie was made.  Since the movie, the book has had a kind of renewed popularity and I figured it was time for me to read.

Overall I liked it, interesting story and the ending makes you think that that is just what it was a story.  I think the short quick story he told at the end about his mother & a cook is the real story but he cannot believe in that reality, especially as a child, so the story with the animals & especially the tiger became his reality.  I am interested to know how or if the movie even touches on this.  The book is very slow at the beginning laying groundwork that I am not really sure some of it adds to the story.  This book took me much longer than normal, now I did pickup others & read during it also, but it didn't keep my interest enough to drive through it.

Glad I read it but really other than now wanting to sort of see the movie, I doubt much sticks with me.  I have posted it on PBS and there are 5 WL for it so should be moving off shortly, I hope.  I am still reading Once a Runner and should be finishing it soon.  Also reading Miss Morissa by Mari Sandoz and just started a short story book Throw like a Girl.  I hope I can find another book to start tonight as well.

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