Monday, April 15, 2013

Breath, Eyes, Memory--#17 finished

An emotional book about a family in Haiti and the troubles they are going through. It is from the point of view of the daughter, who was conceived through a rape in Haiti.  This daughter's face does not resemble the family and is one of the many things that has caused nightmares for the mom.  The mom moves away to New York while the daughter is a baby with the daughter being raised by an aunt in Haiti.  At 12 mom sends for the daughter and the mom's nightmares which have never stopped, returned with a vengeance.  Mom has also had to fight through breast cancer.  Mom still has in her mind the need to check her daughter's virginity and this causes a split between them and pushes daughter to a man who becomes her husband.  Lots going on in the book.

A good read and interesting story.  I have posted it on PBS but there are a couple hundred copies already on the system so probably not moving.

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