Monday, April 1, 2013

Enemy at the Gates--#14 finished

This is William Craig's history of the Battle for Stalingrad in WWII.  This book does a great job of letting you know the devastation but even reading it, it is really beyond comprehension.  The toll on  lives--both soldiers and people living in areas was immense.  The toll on the buildings and land and cities and bridges, etc is just amazing.  This book really gives you the sense of how fortunate we in the USA really have not had a war fought on our land other than our Civil War.

This book does a good job of finding the history of the decision makers on both sides, Hitler & Stalin but also drilling down to individuals on the ground and generals in the Kessel.  It really is an extensive work.  I also like the fact that at the end he updates some of the people talked about in the book, updating us with what happened to them.  The book was written in the early 1970s so there were still survivors.

This book is one of my keepers so I will not be passing it along.  I kind of have a thing about Russian and this book fits right in line with that.  I am still slowly reading The Life of Pi and Breath, Eyes, Memory and have started Pam Reed's book on her Ultra running--can't think of the title right now.  Might look to start a 4th tonight or within next couple of days too.

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