Monday, October 6, 2014

Inferno--#60 finished

This is the latest Dan Brown, of The DaVinci Code fame, with the same main character Robert Langdon.  He tries to employ the same style as his other books, fast paced, point to point action with a kind of confusing storyline.  This time instead of the Catholic church, he weaves a story about Dante The Inferno and an eco terrorist and helpers.  It lives up to this but overall just okay as a story.  It is a page turner and quick read but I just got weary because it was the same kind of action his two famous books had.  In this one though it sounds like the bad guys kind of won at least but wasn't as bad as everyone feared either.

I had gotten this book from PBS and wanted to read it right away so I could send it out to someone on PBS.  I will post it later this week or next to get it moving.

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