Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The DaVinci Code--#22 finished

Well, I finally got around to reading The DaVinci Code after everyone else in the world has already read it. A good action, investigation book, an easy page turner with some interesting stuff. I have no desire to go back and see what was true and what was false and what didn't fit, etc. I really don't care. It was interesting and kept me involved for those reasons it was a good read. Nothing really memorable though, kind of like Angels & Demons, I don't really remember much but some kind of details on it. Oh well together they are okay. Glad I have finally read them so I can check them off but I really now need to get back to something else.

I have ignored my other books for the last few days, basically since I have been fighting a cold virus that has really done a number on me. Jury Duty on Monday didn't help either, but it allowed me to start & finish the E book. I did find the F book for sale at the library for 50 cents so I grabbed it. The copy is a little rough but now I have it. I don't think I am starting another book right now since I have 3 going, The First Cut, just started at end of Jury Duty, The End of Mr Y, still very early in the book and Globalization and Its Enemies, a little over halfway done but a shorter book.

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