Monday, April 4, 2011

E is for Evidence--#21 finished

Well, this book came out of nowhere. I started and finished it today. How did this happen, well I was called to Jury Duty and that is what 7 hours of sitting around gets. It was my first time reporting for jury duty--other time is another story--and I never got outside the big waiting room. Okay that is fine. I also will get $10 at some point for all of this, okay won't complain because it is our civic duty and all that.

I had read D is for Deadbeat about 2 years ago so did not to a reread of it. I did skim it last night to sort of remember what it was about. E is for Evidence is about the same as the earlier ones, good stuff, easy to read and easy to follow. The ending with a whole mystery background to one of the suspects made it such that the reader really couldn't guess who with certainty. Her neighbor/landlord was out of town for the holidays and Rosie the bar owner had closed up shop, so this book had a little different feel in that Kinsey was more by herself than normally. Also the policeman/semi friend/boyfriend guy, Jonah, I think is his name, was out of town & back on with his wife. Anyway all of that it is a good story overall. Not sure yet if I have F on hand, might have to be ordering it.

Okay, now I will go back to the Divinci Code, The End of Mr Y and Enemies of Globalism--or something like that. I also just started another paperback at jury duty, The First Cut and will probably continue on with it--maybe.

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