Sunday, April 17, 2011

Killer Body--#24 finished

This was kind of a surprise book in that I wasn't really planning on reading it right now. I had the book for a couple of years and had gotten close to reading it once in the past but for some reason I grabbed it and started reading it. It was kind of an easy read, maybe, easy but not all that interesting. It was about a spokeswoman for a weightloss/exercise business that had gone missing and the founder/owner of the company was looking to replace this spokeswoman. A different type story with the main person being a reporter who was also a cousin to someone else in the company who died young. It was a personal type vendetta for the reporter.

I don't know just some things didn't seem to add up and and overall the story was just okay. The whole how believable was the story really seems to come up short. The characters though were sort of interesting. All in all just an okay read

It is a hardback copy and there was 1 copy a head of it on PBS so it will go to my bookshelf and sit for a while I guess. I would think it will probably move at some point but no idea how quickly. I am still working on The First Cut but have stopped on The End of Mr Y at this point. I hope to start it back up at some point but not immediately. I did just start another book tonight, Beat the Reaper and may look to start another one also, probably a non-fiction one.

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