Thursday, June 4, 2015

It's Always Something--#31 finished

This is Gilda Radner's book about her life and her fight with cancer.  It also was at the same time as her life with Gene Wilder who became her husband.  It is a good book because it is her honest look at her life fighting cancer.  She is kind of crazy at times, obsessive, depressed and just a basic person fighting for their life.  It is also sad because the whole way through the book, you know how it ends and yet in her writing there was optimism and hope but you the reader know otherwise.  The 1980s was a different time than today for fighting cancer but I am certain the emotions she had then are some of the same today.  While maybe the numbers surviving cancer are generally much better, no one wants to be the number on the downside and that is always there with cancer.  Gilda's was a life too short but given her time on SNL and her story about her fight with cancer the memory of her lives on.

This is a paperback that isn't in great shape and does have a stain of something on a few pages so I cannot post it on PBS and there are plenty of copies already there.  I will add it to my donation pile and hopefully find a place to take them soon.

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