Saturday, March 12, 2016

Visits From the Drowned Girl--#14 finished

I finished this book and set it aside for a day to try to figure out what I thought of it and I am still not really sure.  Overall, I would have to say I did not like it.  A just kind of bizarre story of a guy that climbs towers to paint, change lights, repairs and while up a desolate tower witnesses a girl setup a camera, strip down and walk into a raging river & be carried away.  He was too far up & too far away to stop it but coming down goes to the spot & collects the girls belongings--clothes, backpack and camera.  The backpack was full of earlier tapes the girl made.  He thinks about going to police & handing it all over but instead keeps it and slowly watches the tapes & gets involved in the girl's family.  Her sister is a dwarf that seems to be just a nice girl.  Benny, the guy, is basically trash and has trashy friends.  He kind of puts on an act for the sister but his trashiness comes through at times.  At the end he puts back the camera & things and leaves them for someone else to find, I guess.  I was really hoping he would jump in the river too--I really didn't like him.  There were times you could tell he was conflicted about what he was doing but other times just pushed ahead with the crap of his life--just a really unlikeable character.

I have posted it on PBS, it is the only copy so will probably move at some point I am guessing.

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