Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Attack--#29 finished

An interesting book about a Palestinian man that is an Israeli citizen and a decorated surgeon in Israel.  His whole world is set upside down when he learns his wife that he adores was a suicide bomber that killed dozens including children.  Author does a good job of putting the man into a hole that he cannot get out of, he just cannot understand how or what drove his wife to do this.  The book doesn't really have any answers but does show a side that doesn't seem to be often heard.  Not that suicide bombings are ever right but shows a kind of desperation some have but nothing really about the people that train or maybe brainwash these individuals.  A book that has to make you think and just wish there was a way to a solution but it just doesn't seem like there is one that is close.

There are 0 copies on PBS so I will probably post it and see if it moves, I would expect that it will.

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