Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Sausage Maker's Daughters--#39 finished

Good read about a family in Wisconsin in the early 1970s.  The youngest daughter and the daughter that didn't fit in, returns home for the oldest sister's funeral.  This youngest daughter is in early 20s and was an activist at U of Wisconsin Madison during her college years, protesting the war and about everything else that came along.  She also dated a hippie Poli Sci professor.  Senior year after summer in Europe professor/boyfriend had disappeared.  She was heartbroken and threw more energy into protesting.  After graduation moves to CA and works at empowering women.  Oldest sister was a nun and she developed cancer and died.  Youngest comes home for this & her ex is now married to the 2nd oldest that became the ruler of the house after their mom died when youngest was 3.  2nd was basically a tyrant to youngest and bully to 3rd.  Ex is found dead in youngest bedroom in middle of night after funeral.  Good story but does bog a little with lawyers and investigating things.  A couple things kind of pulled out of the air for trial.  Twist at end that I didn't see--knew there would be a twist but didn't see this one and not sure I liked it either.  Overall good book.

There is 1 WL for it & I went ahead and posted it.  Should move this weekend.  Only sitting at 4 credits so time to get an extra credit or so but my own WL not moving so no big hurry.

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