Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last Night in Twisted River--#2 finished

The latest book by John Irving who wrote The World According to Garp. This is another life long book, really good story overall. I didn't like some of the political shots he took during the book, but I guess he really wanted his readers to know his feelings on politics. Lots of good stories within the story, about a father & son that have to run from the small logging town where they are at and have to keep moving throughout the story. Some goofy parts that are probably a little more than far fetched but the storyline and characters keep moving. Overall I really enjoyed it.

There are 40 WL for it so I will be mailing it off at some point, probably next week with a couple others. I have 5 already mailed off for PBS so no real hurry to put more in the pipeline right now either. Still reading The Short Bus book, also reading Red Square an Arkaday Renko story by Martin Cruz Smith and also reading Detroit Noir--I read first story few days ago and haven't picked back up yet.

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