Monday, March 19, 2012

Devil's Dream--#17 finished

I finished this book Saturday night but a storm knocked out our internet, phone & sat. TV. I just got fixed this afternoon. This is Madison Smartt Bell's book about Nathan Bedford Forrest. It was unusual layout, in that it jumped all around his life from during the Civil War and his life before the war. He is a truly interesting character and general from the Civil War. The book did not touch on his life after the war though and I am a little disappointed in that. I know he played a part in the founding of the KKK but per a timeline of events at the end of the book he broke away from that by the end of his life. I guess I was hoping more for a history book about Forrest and instead got more of a fictional account of what & why he was the person he was. Still interesting but not quite what I wanted.

I will be posting it on PBS, there is only 1 WL for it so hopefully it goes. Reading The Red Queen, The Litigator and just started The Moses Expedition. Not sure if I will get a 4th book though. Getting close to finishing Red Queen so might just pickup a 3rd book then.

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