Friday, March 9, 2012

The Blood of Tyrants--#15 finished

It took a while but I was able to finish a book in March finally. This is an okay book with a definite political slant to the right. It was about a kind of revolt against socialists with current political players very thinly disguised. Non-political people take a kind of vigil-anti justice and start killing off members of the House that are socialist/communist that also lined their pockets with money while serving the country. Not a great book, almost like some of the Fox News commentators served this up. Oh well, the story moved quickly and was semi-interesting. I think there is a 2nd book in series, I have it on my WL and if I get it I will probably continue the series.

I have posted it on PBS and it is the only copy on the system so I hope it moves at some point. My bookshelf has been slow lately but that is fine with me. I am sitting on 22 credits so have plenty at this point. Still reading Devil's Dream, The Litigators and Bob Hope's My Life in Jokes. Will probably start a 4th at some point this weekend.

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