Monday, July 22, 2013

Comeback America--#32 finished

An interesting and kind of depressing read about the financial condition of the US.  The book was written in 2009 and the author made it sound like immediate changes were needed.  Well it is 3 years since and no changes have been made.  Not even that though, there are not even discussions of fixing these long term issues.  I guess everyone in Congress knows they will not come to an agreement so basically nothing is getting done.  But the changes recommended in the book can't be done by one party either, the changes need to be significant and will be tough--it would be killer for a party to do that unless there is a crisis forcing it.  Like I said kind of depressing.

I am keeping this book at least for now.  There are copies on the system and this copy has some underlining which I would have to message anyone before sending it through PBS.  I will keep it for now though.  Still reading Maze Runner but haven't opened it for a week.  I have read a little in Skeleton Crew.  Just kind of starting a 3rd book, but not sure on it yet.

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